[Trend Talk] Understanding the trend of slime videos

Available in various colours and textures, ranging from slippery to glitter, slimes have become a popular source of comfort. Although they might seem slightly distasteful in the physical form to some, they are quite a rage in the Instagram world. Short videos featuring the squishy wonders being flattened, distorted, mangled and pounded upon between prim …


Documenting diaries

After finally crossing the finish line of completing the first ever documentary of my life, I indeed have much to say. Hence, the blog! No matter how much amateurish it might be, no matter how much full of faults, it shall always be one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Unsurprisingly, it was incredibly …

Importance of about us

After months of scrolling through websites for projects and stories, the one thing I have understood is the importance of the About Us column/page/section. It is extremely important for people to put in relevant data in this section so that their profile or website looks genuine and their product don’t seem to lack the depth […]